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` am i a sexy kitten? `

enjoy, hope you like it. :)

-Name: christina , chrissy. whutevah floats your boat ;D

-Age: 15.

-Where you live: clifton - wheres bitches are faker than there bags ;D

-Hair color: brownish. redish in the sun =/

-Eye color: dark brown.

-Height: i'll say about 5'6

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your personality and why: i will be honest with you if you ask me to be seriously be honest. i wouldn't lie to you but put the words in the nicest way.

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your looks and why: everyone " loves " my hair but im not really sure.

-Put a song lyric that best describes you here: pick me up now , i need you so bad.

-What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you: ehh , nothing i consider romantic.

-What is the most embarressing thing that ever happened to you: i got my period in 7th grade in gym and it was all over my gym pants and everyone saw. oh well. =D

-What is your proudest moment: proudest moment? well .. when i stood up for my self when someone said something.

-Do you get along more with your mom or dad and why: me and my mom fight alot but my dad is strict. my mom understands me more and if i do something wrong she wouldnt tell my mom. so ill say my mom.

-- favorites --
-color: pink<3<3

-nonalcoholic drink: diet soda ;D

-alcoholic drink: i don't really drink. but i'd say vodak with orange juice =D


-movie: how to loose a guy in 10 days.

-song: girl of my dreams- all american reject

-food: chiense foooood<333333.

-store: mandees.

-restaurant: century buffet

-animal: doggggs =D

-- time to think --
what are your thoughts on..
-abortion: if you are mature enough and ready to have inter course with the opposite sex than you should be mature enough to keep the god damn baby. why are you going to waste a fucking life because you thinking your " mature" enough to have sex. grow up.

-drugs: im so aganist it. whats the point of it? to make you happy? but its killing you.

-drinking: i have drank a couple times in my life. but its the biggest part of my life.

-same sex marriage: if you want to marry the same sex. go for the gold. why should you be stopped? its your desicion and your LIFE.

-casual sex: i think its horrible and fucking disgusting. why are you going to just fuck anyone without meaning? i want my FIRST time to be with the person i love & who loves me in return.

-- random --
-what do you think of the layout: its sexy<3

-why do you feel we should accept you and say yes: id get along with anyone & plus i love steph and jenna! duh!

-what makes you want to join this community: to have fun & everything.

-anything nice to say about the mods that run this place: i love them<3 nice work on the layout.

-who do you feel is a true sexy kitten and why: chad micheal murray. why? look at him. hes gorgeous.

-post at least 3 clear pics here of yourself:

<3 chrissy
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your accepted. because you are one of the first five, but even if you wernt i love you and i'd still vote you a yes bc your gorgeous and a sweet heart. anyways go promote it and tell ppl bout it want it to becoem popular and stuff. haha i love you gurll! congratzz<3

i love u chrissy n yea chad micheal murray is the sexiest alive! smile more in ur pics xO