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* am i a sexy kitten? *

-Name: christina

-Age: 15

-Where you live: cliftonn

-Hair color: brown w/ blonde highlights

-Eye color: brown

-Height: 5'4 ?

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your personality and why: honesty because if you lie about something more lies will just build up

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your looks and why: idk i really like my stomach now that my belly button is peirced. it jus adds a lil

-Put a song lyric that best describes you here: i look into your eyes & i see you lookin inside of me, my love for you will never die

-What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you: lookin into eachothers eyes & saying i love you. knowing the person is only in love w/ you & thinkin about you jus makes everythin all better

-What is the most embarressing thing that ever happened to you: i was like 7 yrs old at my 2nd dance recital & i messed up. we were splitting into 2 circles & i blanked out & forgot what circle to go to so i jus stood in the middle & doin some type of spin hah

-What is your proudest moment: everytime i got an award/trophy cuz i know i actually did something good & right haha.

-Do you get along more with your mom or dad and why: well my mom can be soo nosy but thats jus wat parents do. always wanna know wat their kid is up to or whaev. but i still love em

-- favorites --
-color: baby yellow/orange

-nonalcoholic drink: brisk ice tea

-alcoholic drink: coconut drink at amandas. idk wat its called =x

-tv show: anythin on mtv

-movie: finding nemo

-song: hoobastank * from the heart

-food: hawaiian pizza from california pizza kitchen<3

-store: hollister

-restaurant: california pizza kitchen

-animal: i love kittens

-- time to think --
what are your thoughts on..
-abortion: i dont think its right. how can you kill a baby that isnt even born yet? the two ppl that had sex & couldnt afford to have a child at the time, should have used a condom or other things to prevent it from happening. abstinence is better tho.

-drugs: hate it. why would ppl wanna hurt their bodies more then it has to be? drugs in my opinion kill ppl faster. no reason

-drinking: not into it alot but if its there then ill have it. if not im not gonna search for ppl to buy me stuff.

-same sex marriage: i think it shuld be legal for same sex marriage. 2 ppl cant help it if they have feelings for eachother. no person or law should tell ppl if they could get married or not.

-casual sex: only if you truly love eachother & be protected & use a condom.

-- random --
-what do you think of the layout: very cute<3

-why do you feel we should accept you and say yes: because i can get along w/ ppl easily

-what makes you want to join this community: it looks like its gonna be fun & meetin more ppl is always a plus.

-anything nice to say about the mods that run this place: jenna: hah good times girl esp. in comp class. your so pretty & trust me, hes blind if he doesnt love u back.

-who do you feel is a true sexy kitten and why: jenna cuz shes an amazing girl <3 hah love you!

-post 3+ clear pictures of yourself:

~ christina ♥ ~

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