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-- basics --
-Name: Brooke Anne

-Age:fifteen untill Aug 23rd!

-Where you live: Michagan

-Hair color: dark dark brown :) with highlights

-Eye color: dark drown

-Height: like 5'4

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your personality and why:ahh people say im funny? hah what a joke...i dont nice or something like that..hahah

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your looks and why: ahh my eyes because they are mysterous! haha

-Put a song lyric that best describes you here:

spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
for a break that would make it okay
there's always one reason
to feel not good enough
and it's hard at the end of the day

haha shut up...dont hate :) theres a bunch that explain me but i cant think of anything

-What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you: ohh gosh...i dont know if you would call it romantic but one of my X boyfriends walked like 7 miles to see me...and then said how much he missed me and junk.. : ) ah i felt loved for the moment

-What is the most embarressing thing that ever happened to you: oh gosh yes...there was this boy that i had a mad wicked crush on and he was on the football team so i thought hey maybe i should go to one of his games :) so i draged my friend and we were standing by the concession stand next to the lockers...soon the players came running through the locker doors and just my luck, when he was there he waved and i smiled and waved and in that second the sign with all the prices fell on my head! haha it was so funny he just laughed at me

-What is your proudest moment: ahh i dont know! haha maybe when i yelled at the school till they gave me my credits back haha those bastards..who do they think they are?!?!

-Do you get along more with your mom or dad and why:ahh  both and neither sometimes.. on good days i get along with both and its all good but on normal days they cant stand me and i cant stand them, its a mutual thing : )

-- favorites --
-color: Pink and Grey of course

-nonalcoholic drink: root beer and monsters oh and Rock n Rye

-alcoholic drink: vadka

-tv show: Daria! :) the simpsons, that 70's  show and mad Tv...and shows on Lifetime

-movie: donnie darko, chi chi chong movies...ahh butterful effect......the ring...mean the list goes on and on

-song: dont have one..........srry... ahh i like Smile Empty Soul>sullites (sp?) a lot tho..and slipknot..

-food: mexican and chinesse.......buffet style

-store: this is east.........the thrift store and hot topics

-restaurant: this coney island next to hooters..haha what a joke...hooters....

-animal: i LOVE animals! haha... if i could get a squrile (sp?) i would be so happy! i might just piss myself

-- time to think --
what are your thoughts on..
-abortion: oh gosh.......dont get me started : x would write more but i think it would take the page up

-drugs: haha ahh i do them but im on probation for it now, and i dont know if its worth it...i mean its fun as hell but if u get caught ur fucked like no other

-drinking: theres no point to drink unless ur going to get drunk!! : )

-same sex marriage: i really dont care, i think its the same as straight marriage...two people are in love and want to spend the rest of there lives together..whys one stupid law going to say they cant.. i think its close minded and ignorant to the ppl that say no

-- random --
-what do you think of the layout: hell yeah! i think i asked for it too hahah

-why do you feel we should accept you and say yes: because im cool and u know it...haha just kidding.. i dont know, maybe because you want to live and you know if you dont add me i will have to slip each and every one of ur throats :) hahah so just kidding..........i dont know! becasue you are nice people and want to find it in ur heart to add me? haha im so

-what makes you want to join this community: JENNA!!!!!! ow ow

-anything nice to say about the mods that run this place:well i only know Jenna and shes awsome like whoa! shes so nice haha... i feel like  im tlaking about a crush or something! haha.. but yeah TWINS! lmao..

-who do you feel is a true sexy kitten and why: oohh this guy.........hes so hott! hes got a tan, PERFECT tan, georgous eyes and the prettiest lips i have ever he does the whole  thuged out pants low and i can see your boxers type deal wich is deff  HOTT!!

-post at least 3 clear pics here of yourself:

hope u like it!! :) hahah........................bitches....u better...

haha just kidding.. im so lame today ...always?

</3 Brooke.Anne.

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