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am i a sexy kitten?

* the application *

-- basics --
-Name: katherine joann

-Age: 15

-Where you live: clifton, nj also known as dramaville =\

-Hair color: naturally its chocolaty brown but right now its lightish dark brown with a tint of red =)

-Eye color: brown but in the sun they sometimes look like its mohagany. <3

-Height: wow, i'm short but not a midget [4`11.5]

-Nationality: peruvian , french, castillian [spain<3]

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your personality and why: hmm, that would be that i am very understanding. i accept you for who you are and for not what you are.

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your looks and why: i think that would be my lips. i'm not saying that they are huge or anything but they are plump and i think it's cute <3

-Put a song lyric that best describes you here:"She said now begins forever, and that no one knows their time, we bid farewell not knowing that might be our last goodbye.."

-What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you: i hate remembering this but i love the whole story of romeo and juliet and my ex now climbed up my window and if you knew where i lived you would be thinking how? didnt he fall? bc its high since i live in a apt and all. and he watched me sleep until i woke up and i woke up bc he whispered hey baby and i woke up during the sunrise and we watched it and after that i never saw him again .. sry that moment makes me cry ..

-What is the most embarressing thing that ever happened to you: when my waiter caught me staring at his ass. wow you would be glued to it too if you saw it ;]

-What is your proudest moment: when i let this person go and now im glad because i'm able to talk to him with no feelings attached <3

-Do you get along more with your mom or dad and why: my mom just because she has been actually the only parent who talked to me about everything and gae me advice on alot of things that tend to happen to me.

-- favorites --
-color: black <3

-nonalcoholic drink: virgin piña coladas

-alcoholic drink: martini

-tv show: daria & degrassi <33

-movie: a walk to remember

-song: fade away - 12 stones <3

-food: pancakes ! i can never get sick of them esp. the ones from iH0P

-store: GUESS <33

-restaurant: applebee's

-animal: birds , i just think that they have natural beauty in them

-- time to think --
what are your thoughts on..
-abortion: i've said this before in another community. but i believe its you're own opinion if you want to have one. im kinda for pro-choice on this subject. but this subject kinda puts me in the middle. lets say, you have sex and you used a condom but it broke, or he just cums in your pussy..then it was an accident but everyone knows the risks that are taken, and you get pregnant. i say you shouldnt have it, because you decided to spread your legs open and even though you used protection, you should still take the responsabilites and if you get an abortion its like you're running away from your mistakes. if you are raped, thats another story because you didnt want to, its all up to the person if they want to have the child or not. sorry if my answer wasnt all that good but its hard to really put this into words.

-drugs: it says it all. drugs its not something you want to mess around with, when you start it, you usually become addicted to it and im not saying you ALWAYS do but usually you do and if you dont, you're one of the few lucky ones. doing drugs screw up your whole future and screws up everything in your body. you think its cool to be like the others? it isnt. just be true to yourself and dont do any if you actually want a future but if you could careless about your life, go ahead and screw it up more and someday you will be found dead on the streets and say hello to hell for me.

-drinking: im not a big drinker but when i do, its not really alot because i dont want to become an alcoholic. i dont wanna be addicted to it to the point where im just wasting my life away. im not saying dont get drunk and have fun but just becareful because strange things do happen when you are under the influence of it.

-same sex marriage: like in other communites with this subject. i'm completly for it. marriage is love not gender as all of you guys have heard before. i don't understand why people are going against it. if you really think about it, all those children who are waiting to be adopted are usually adopted from gay families and wouldnt you rather save them, then let those poor children wait in line while other families just have their own. i hate homophobes but i guess i can understand them? i mean like, sure they arent used to them but i hate how gays are treated. they are very disrespected and they deserve the respect like straight people have. and i remember i saw this clip and the celebrity said "because i am gay, i dont have the same rights as a straight person has.." that totally ticked me off. gay people are just normal people like we are, they love and they hate. just like straights.

-casual sex: i dont think you should really have sex with a person that you have no true feelings and because usually all they do is use you and blab out stuff about you. i will admit im not a virgin but i very much regret my first time and i wish i waited .. i think that your first time should be special and make sure you protect yourself because its a huge risk [not just from pregnancy but other diseases, so get tested <3]

-- random --
-what do you think of the layout: its very cute . loving the black and pink theme :]

-why do you feel we should accept you and say yes: because i will promote and i will vote and be honest about the applicants

-what makes you want to join this community: i want to see what people really think of me =)

-anything nice to say about the mods that run this place: i know 2 of them [jenna & steph] i know that we went through hard times but thats all about being friends and hopefully we can hang out before the summer ends <3

-who do you feel is a true sexy kitten and why: marilyn monroe, wow shes just beautiful everywhere. i think she resembles true beauty

-post at least 3 clear pics here of yourself: sry i posted 5

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