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am i a sexy kitten?

-- basics --
-Name: daisy

-Age: 14

-Where you live: clifton

-Hair color: dark brown w/ light brown highlights

-Eye color: brown

-Height: 5'3-5'4

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your personality and why: sense of humor. i can make ppl laugh & i can take jokes without takin them too personal.

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your looks and why: um i personally dont think im really attractive but not completely ugly either. one thing i would say that i DO like about my looks is my lips. idk why but i just do. i guess bcoz theyre full&nice. it gives my face some pretty-ness lol

-Put a song lyric that best describes you here:

-What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you: nothin really romantic has happened yet thats too exciting

-What is the most embarressing thing that ever happened to you: wow i really dont wanna say the MOST embarressing but the thing next to it would be makin myself look like a dumbass in front of somebody i like. on top of the stupid shit i SAID, i tripped in front of him as i was walkin away. lol. but thats nothin close 2 the MOST embarressing.

-What is your proudest moment: when i got 1st place in a track meet in my heat. woo i was proud lol.

-Do you get along more with your mom or dad and why: my mom. she understands me better& plus i hate my dad.

-- favorites --
-color: purple&red&black

-nonalcoholic drink: sprite remix, peach goya, inca cola, & ofcourse my obsession.. virgin pina colada

-alcoholic drink: absolut vodka mixed wit w/e i got or bacardi razz

-tv show: room raiders&boy meets world

-movie: big daddy & dont be a menace in south central while drinkin your juice in tha hood .. its a classic i love it. oh yeah & thirteen

-song: into you (remix) fabolous ft. tamia & no me dejes solo - daddy yankee

-food: anythin my mom cooks. basically any spanish food :)

-store: epic.against all odds.& almost n e store in passaic

-restaurant: hooters... they have some good chickenn

-animal: monkey i want 1 so bad lol

-- time to think --
what are your thoughts on..
-abortion: im not for it. i dont say it's right unless the girls been raped or something like that. other wise, it's their fault they're pregnant to begin with. they were the ones who chose not 2 use protection and if they did & the condom broke then thats their problem. its not the babys fault so if they're "mature" enough to have sex then they should be mature enough to take care of the baby instead of killing it.
-drugs: you really shouldnt start bcoz once u do you'll get addicted. your killin yourself & its a waste of your money too. but that's up to the person so w/e... im not for it but im not against it either. it just aint me.

-drinking: personally i dont see what's wrong with it. they should really change the legal drinking age because nobody pays attention to it anyway.

-same sex marriage: if they love each other then let them be. u cant control who u fall in love with so hey... if they're gay they're gay.

-casual sex: theres nothing wrong with it as long as your safe.. & as long as u dont go havin "casual sex" with just anybody.

-- random --
-what do you think of the layout: very perdy. i like it

-why do you feel we should accept you and say yes: because i guess i have a good personality & mayb you'll think so too. i get along w/ ppl good & all that good stuff

-what makes you want to join this community: well jenna made it seem like its somethin fun& jenna knows fun so yahh . it looks very interestin too.

-anything nice to say about the mods that run this place: yupp i <3 jennaaa shes is a very sexayy person hehehe

-who do you feel is a true sexy kitten and why: carmen electra. shes sexy on tha outside ( not in a lesbian way ) and she seems like she has a good personality. i think she is the definition of a sexy kitten.
-post at least 3 clear pics here of yourself:

its kinda blurry .. sorry
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